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Little Bits of Normal: Silver Linings

Well, I’ve been writing madly in my head, for days on end. Looking to maintain, claim and make daily structure and rituals to keep my sanity and waistline!
So many thoughts and feelings and observances when this virus began to shadow the Chinese landscape. It seemed “Over There” and not a reality here. My husband and I kept reading and watching to newspaper stories, why wasn’t our nation showing concern and prevention; what was happening??
Well, we all now know what is taking place. It’s not easy. The virus and the news of the virus can be threatening. How do we cope? How do we keep our joy?
Almost everyone I have spoken with has shared their “silver lining”:
as a result of staying home, of not commuting so much, of making less trips to the store, of buying less, of talking more to their friends and families.
What is your silver lining?

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Community Acupuncture returns!

You probably think winter will never end…but it will!
Support your body/mind/spirit during this important time of transition with Acupuncture.
Join us for our next Community Acupuncture Workshop of 2017.
Tuesday evening, March 28 at 6 PM.
Fee is $25.00 per person & pre-registration is necessary, as space is limited.
Call to reserve your spot: 203-941-0366.

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patient healing

Being a patient healing patiently, can we?
Although some of us are doctors or other healers, truth is we are all patients in relationship to someone helping us. The healing process of this role needs to be embraced for all that it can offer. How can we take the time needed to recover; from illness, pain, loss?
“Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity”. Hippocrates seems to have understood the landscape of synergy. Why do we get sick at a certain time in our life? Where is the rhyme or reason for crisis and pain?
To be continued….
Dr. Jennifer Botwick, ND

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Join Dr. Botwick for Community Acupuncture this April!

Curious about Acupuncture? Join Dr. Botwick for her monthly Community Acupuncture Session!

April 24, 2014


$25/per person

Please dress appropriately to best be able to receive Acupuncture needles: wear loose, comfortable clothing with a broad neckline and/or tank top/sports bra,  pants that can easily be rolled up; barrette, clip or the like if you have long hair.


If you have attended Community Acupuncture in the past, leave us a comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

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Customer Testimonial – Dr. Jennifer Botwick, ND

The following is an acknowledgement of the appreciation and satisfaction that I have experienced during the past year as a patient of Dr. Jennifer Botwick.

…I want to say that Dr. Jen is a kind, gentle and caring person who is concerned about her patients and has at her side natural medicines that can and do improve “the human condition.” Thank you for all your help.


John Orichaush, Jr.

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