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Little Bits of Normal: Silver Linings

Well, I’ve been writing madly in my head, for days on end. Looking to maintain, claim and make daily structure and rituals to keep my sanity and waistline!
So many thoughts and feelings and observances when this virus began to shadow the Chinese landscape. It seemed “Over There” and not a reality here. My husband and I kept reading and watching to newspaper stories, why wasn’t our nation showing concern and prevention; what was happening??
Well, we all now know what is taking place. It’s not easy. The virus and the news of the virus can be threatening. How do we cope? How do we keep our joy?
Almost everyone I have spoken with has shared their “silver lining”:
as a result of staying home, of not commuting so much, of making less trips to the store, of buying less, of talking more to their friends and families.
What is your silver lining?

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