Dr. Botwick – The Doctor Who Listens


 She’s a very good listener!
Dr. Jenn, as she is called, is a very good listener with very good clinical skills. I appreciate her knowledge base AND her many years experience as a bodyworker – Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Yoga, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy. She has very good people skills while being a caring and intelligent physician. 

Daniel Barrett
 Dr. Jen is Great!
I have met with Dr. Botwick many times, and she is an incredibly knowledgable, caring physician. If you are looking for a Naturopathic or holistic doctor, you could not better than Dr. Botwick! 

John Orichaush, Jr.
 Thank you for all your help!
The following is an acknowledgement of the appreciation and satisfaction that I have experienced during the past year as a patient of Dr. Jennifer Botwick…I want to say that Dr. Jen is a kind, gentle and caring person who is concerned about her patients and has at her side natural medicines that can and do improve “the human condition.” Thank you for all your help.


John Orichaush, Jr. 

Kennard Little
 Dr. Jen Helped Me To Heal My Mind!
I could not find a remedy for my debilitating pain! Healing from my injuries was one thing, but pain management and PTSD was a completely different animal! As a naturopath and acupuncturist; DR. JEN
helped me to maintain my pain, and remedy my chronic sleeping disorder with all natural remedies which I still use today! As a nutritionist, she taught me which foods in my diet caused or eliminated inflammation and chronic fatigue which was a MAJOR factor in pain management!

But as a friend, DR JEN helped me to heal my mind and remedy my chronic depression, SAD, and PTSD. We spent 2 to 3 times per week over the next 5 years in treatment. Many of which consisting of her incredible ability of just being a good listener! Together, we set and accomplished the goal of NOT getting back to, “the old me”, but becoming the, “NEW AND IMPROVED”, ME!!!

Changing my mind set, my point of view, made all the difference; as the pictures below show! With DR. JEN’s help, I dropped 60 lbs. in 10 months by regular resistance training, cardio, eating clean, and getting good

Now at the age of 42; I am still living with pain. BUT I AM LIVING WELL!